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Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup is a popular Python library used for web scraping. It is an easy-to-use library that helps to parse HTML and XML documents, extract useful information, and navigate through the document structure. It is widely used for data mining, data extraction, and data analysis tasks.

Some key features of Beautiful Soup include:
  • Parsing: Beautiful Soup allows you to parse HTML and XML documents with ease, even if the document is poorly formatted. It automatically converts the document into a parse tree, which you can then traverse and manipulate.

  • Navigation: Once you have parsed the document, Beautiful Soup allows you to navigate the parse tree using various methods such as tags, attributes, and CSS selectors.

  • Searching: Beautiful Soup provides a powerful search mechanism that allows you to find specific elements in the parse tree. You can search for elements by tag name, attribute value, text content, and more.

  • Modifying: Beautiful Soup allows you to modify the parse tree by adding, deleting, or modifying elements and attributes.
Beautiful Soup doesn't have built-in support for making HTTP requests or handling asynchronous operations, so it's typically used in conjunction with other libraries like requests or asyncio.

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