Free Web Proxy extension for browsers

Proxy extensions for browsers give you the ability to hide your IP address and get access to blocked resources.

More information about how proxy works you can find here.

Proxy Port browser extension works with no additional settings. All you have to do is install and activate the extension.

Detailed installation guide you can find here. User guide with screenshots here.

Single-Button App

Our application is tailored for one single task - to connect the browser to the Internet through a proxy server.
And it does a great job.

- No settings needed.
- No proxy list export required.
- No log in.
- No sign up.

Access blocked websites

The proxy extension can help you unblock various resources.

Websites blocked in China:

Websites blocked in UK:

Websites blocked in India:

Hide your IP address

Using the extension, you can hide your IP address.
Stay anonymous to the sites you visit.
The site will receive information about the proxy server address instead of yours.

Pretend to be in other country

Website owners can find out your physical location from your IP address. GeoIP services provide such data. They work because all IP addresses are distributed across geographic areas. And there are databases on the Internet with the exact location of each IP address.

By using a proxy, you will pretend to be where the proxy is.

This feature allows you to unblock some resources blocked in your country. And open a site that does not provide access to users from your country.