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PHP Guzzle is a popular PHP HTTP client library that provides an easy way to send HTTP/1.1 requests and handle responses. It is a wrapper around the powerful Guzzle HTTP library and provides a simple and intuitive interface for making HTTP requests to various web services, APIs, and websites.

Guzzle makes it easy to send GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and other HTTP requests, and provides many advanced features such as authentication, request and response caching, handling of streaming responses, and much more. It also supports sending multipart/form-data requests, sending requests with JSON payloads, and handling responses in different formats like XML, JSON, and others.

Guzzle is widely used in PHP applications to communicate with external APIs and web services, and it is also used by popular PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. With Guzzle, PHP developers can write code that interacts with external services and APIs in a clean and simple way, without having to worry about the low-level details of the HTTP protocol.

Guzzle can be used for web scraping. It can send HTTP requests to a website and retrieve the HTML content of web pages. This HTML content can then be parsed to extract the desired data using a web scraping library like Symfony's DomCrawler, Simple HTML DOM Parser, or others.

There are several advantages to using Guzzle for web scraping:
  • Easy HTTP requests: Guzzle makes it easy to send HTTP requests to websites and APIs. It supports various HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and others. It also provides features such as handling redirects, authentication, cookies, and more.

  • Asynchronous requests: Guzzle supports asynchronous requests using promises and coroutines. This allows you to send multiple requests concurrently, which can improve the scraping performance.

  • Robustness and error handling: Guzzle provides robust error handling and retries for failed requests. This can help to ensure that your scraping script continues to work even if a request fails.

  • Integration with other PHP libraries: Guzzle integrates well with other PHP libraries commonly used for web scraping, such as Symfony's DomCrawler, which can be used to parse HTML and extract data.

  • Well-maintained and popular library: Guzzle is a well-maintained and popular library with a large community. This means that there are plenty of resources available, such as documentation, examples, and support forums, which can help you to get started with web scraping using Guzzle.
Using Guzzle for web scraping can simplify the process of sending HTTP requests, improve performance through asynchronous requests, and provide robust error handling and retries.

Guzzle supports proxy servers. You can configure Guzzle to send HTTP requests through a proxy server by setting the proxy option in the client configuration.

You can rotate proxies with Guzzle by dynamically changing the proxy option between requests. One way to do this is to maintain a list of proxies and switch between them for each request.

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